Is there an equivalent of NO_EXTRACT?

Don Lewis truckman at
Wed Sep 9 04:44:17 UTC 2015

On  9 Sep, Piotr Kubaj wrote:
> On 09/09/2015 00:58, Montgomery-Smith, Stephen wrote:
>> I think EXTRACT_ONLY will do the equivalent of what you need.
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>> Subject: Is there an equivalent of NO_EXTRACT?
>> I'm a maintainer of a few ports. For the next update I'm preparing, I
>> want to make it possible to download some addons via options. The thing
>> is, they are downloaded as-is. They are not meant to be extracted
>> (although they are zips), since it's the program itself that manages it.
>> Is there such a possibility?
> No, EXTRACT_ONLY actually extracts distfiles. I don't want them to be
> extracted, I want them to be copies as-is, since the installed port will
> manage it itself, it even requires zips. The only solution I see is to
> tar those distfiles and put them on a separate mirror. Is there any
> better solution to this? Or maybe someone introduces NO_EXTRACT to
> :)

If you list the distfiles that you want to have automatically extracted
in EXTRACT_ONLY, then it will leave the unlisted ones untouched.

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