lang/go security problem on one but not the other

Kimmo Paasiala kpaasial at
Wed Sep 2 18:12:45 UTC 2015

On Wed, Sep 2, 2015 at 8:13 PM, Rob Belics <robbelics at> wrote:
> I found an updated vuln.xml in /usr/ports/security/vuxml/ dated today. I
> will copy that over to /var/db/pkg/ but still question why that file was
> not updated.

It's not updated by portsnap(8) but pkg-updating(8). Portmaster won't
update it either. There's a periodic(8) job that should update it
daily at /usr/local/etc/periodic/security/410.pkg-audit, controlled by
daily_status_security_pkgaudit_enable periodic.conf(5) setting that
defaults to YES.


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