[HEADS-UP] switching default Perl to 5.22

Michelle Sullivan michelle at sorbs.net
Tue Sep 1 00:56:17 UTC 2015

Patrick Powell wrote:
> Please do not switch to a new version of Perl until ModPerl2 works.
> This, for me,  is a show stopper, and I suspect for a lot of people.
> Do you have a list of the current Perl Modules or associated items
> that do not work?

I agree - though I build everything with my own default of 5.16 so it
makes no difference for me.

> On 08/28/15 08:06, Kurt Jaeger wrote:
>> Hi!
>>> In one or two weeks, I'll be switching the default Perl version to
>>> 5.22,
>>> and from now on, the new Perl will be added at the end of May when
>>> released, and switched to at the beginning of September.
>> mod_perl is still broken with 5.22. Which is very sad. So maybe
>> it's premature to switch the default ?

Michelle Sullivan

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