FreeBSD Port: games/joequake

Flavio Martins Prado flavio.mprado at
Sat Oct 31 05:23:26 UTC 2015

I like toinform that this port is building ok (my system is an amd/64), but
on runtime it fails, sayng that an "security module" was not found.

output of invocation:

*1023:flavio at frisbie:~/teco/projects/estudo/Machine_learning/week1%
joequake-x11 *
*Added packfile /usr/local/share/quake/id1/pak0.pak (339 files)*
*Added packfile /usr/local/share/quake/id1/pak1.pak (85 files)*
*Added packfile /usr/local/share/quake/joequake/pak0.pak (48 files)*
*Console initialized*
*[02]Security module not found*
*Segmentation fault (core dumped)*

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