FreeBSD Port: ports-mgmt/poudriere - unneeded dependencies for options command

Bryan Drewery bdrewery at
Thu Oct 29 16:03:27 UTC 2015

On 10/29/15 8:58 AM, Miroslav Lachman wrote:
> Bryan Drewery wrote on 10/29/2015 16:27:
>> On 10/29/15 6:27 AM, Miroslav Lachman wrote:
>>> I usually use poudriere for larger set of packages (about 500) so this
>>> problem was hidden to me but now I needed just minimal set with 2
>>> packages.
>>> `poudriere options` gives me 26 options dialogs for things which are not
>>> dependencies and for wrong versions.
>>> It gives me options for Git, bzr and more strange - for perl5-5.16 even
>>> if I have perl5=5.20 set as default version in make.conf
>> It's likely due to things like perl.conf and php.conf leaking in from
>> the host. The options command isn't jailed so it sees these things. It's
>> a known issue at least.
> OK, this can explain perl5-5.16 issue, because I have this in host's
> make.conf
> DEFAULT_VERSIONS= perl=5.16 mysql=5.5m php=55 python=2.7 apache=2.4
> ##
> ## OptionsNG sets DOCS, EXAMPLES and NLS as default - we do not need them
> But what about other silly dependecies like Git, Bzr, Subversion - it
> seems unrelated to me.

I've only just realized this but it is probably due to '.if exists()'
checks in Ports. There's so much logic in /usr/ports/Mk that I am not
sure what other 'perl.conf'-like things there are besides the php one.
There may be others as well.

As for the perl one, I thought a hack went into Poudriere or ports to
avoid it.

> If it is known unfixable problem, shouldn't it be documentet i manpage
> BUGS section?

We have a lot of known bugs.

I think we just need to fix the 'options' subcommand to do the right
thing though. It's been a constant surprise for people, myself included.
I'm tagging it for the next release.

> Anyway thanks for your work on this great tool.

Sure. We have a big update that has been waiting for a while that I've
been slacking on getting out. I've been trying to balance my time with
other projects.

Bryan Drewery

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