inkscape build fails with ImageMagick - Bug 201655

R Skinner rocky at
Thu Oct 29 08:51:34 UTC 2015

Whoops! Nearly called it a PR again...

I've looked into this bug as I was having similar issues. This bug was 
still open so I'm looking to help close it.

I've used default options on inkscape - ng.

Followed the ImageMagick clues, and rebuilt ImageMagick with default 
options, then inkscape again with default options - built ok.

One thing that grabbed the attention was numerous warnings regarding 
openmp: c++: warning: argument unused during compilation: '-fopenmp'. So:

Rebuilt ImageMagick with +openmp, and rebuilt inkscape again - build fails.

Tried again with +openmp inkscape - build failed.

Rebuilt ImageMagick with +all options _except_ openmp, rebuilt inkscape 
with default options - built ok.

So openmp is the culprit in this bug. Perhaps a check can be made if 
ImageMagick has openmp enabled with a broken error? Not sure if thats 
even possible.


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