Help needed: ports builds on 10.X but breaks on 9.X

A.J. "Fonz" van Werven freebsd at
Tue Oct 27 16:38:28 UTC 2015

Kubilay Kocak wrote:

> The real question that informs the decision is: Might/Do the people
> using the quarterly want/need this?
> A really way to get a better feel is to browse the quarterly commit log:
> However,  if you're unsure, it's appropriate to set the merge-quarterly
> flag to ? *any time* you think that (or are not entirely sure whether) a
> change/issue may need to be committed to quarterly. Really.
> We'd rather quarterly become high value and deal with a few more issues
> that have the flag incorrectly set (and deny the request), than missing
> commits/fixes that go into head that should be merged, but aren't.

Thanks a bunch, it looks pretty clear to me.


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