Help needed: ports builds on 10.X but breaks on 9.X

A.J. "Fonz" van Werven freebsd at
Tue Oct 27 14:43:07 UTC 2015

Kubilay Kocak wrote:

> Set merge-quarterly to ? in the bugzilla issue report, and ask (in a
> comment) for the committer who resolved it in ports HEAD to kindly merge
> it :)

Thanks to you and Kurt Jaeger for the help. The committer in question has
now reassigned it to the security team so I'll wait and see what happens.

Also thanks for the additional information Koobs.

This does leave me with one question: just when is it appropriate to set
the merge-quarterly flag? Apparently quarterly fallout is one example and
security fixes are another. But is there anything else?


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