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Tue Oct 27 14:38:19 UTC 2015

Kurt Jaeger wrote:

> Is there an application that does not cope with newer versions of PHP ?

A quick survey on Freshports reveals:
 - 651 ports build-/lib-/run-depending explicitly on *php56*;
 -  67 ports build-/lib-/run-depending explicitly on *php55*;
 -   0 ports build-/lib-/run-depending explicitly on *php54*; 
 - the above includes ports such as <category>/php5X-foo;
 - in total 807 ports depend on *php5*.
That would leave 89 ports in total that need to be checked, plus a couple
of ports that explicitly depend on PHP 5.5 while that might not be
necessary. I myself only use the core PHP port (and then again only for
FPM), so I'm probably not the right person to have a look, but I figured
I'd post the numbers anyway.

There's one other thing I noticed, though. According to UPDATING entry
20150220, 5.6 is now the default PHP version. However, lang/php5 still
seems to point to to lang/php54. Trying to build lang/php5 (e.g.
"portmaster -n lang/php5" on a box with no prior PHP install) indeed
builds 5.4. And installing the binary package from the official FreeBSD
repository ("pkg install php5" on another PHP-free box) wants to install
version 5.4 too. Maybe it's just me, but that doesn't sound right to me.


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