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Tue Oct 27 10:13:11 UTC 2015

Jos Chrispijn wrote:

> Dear port maintainer,

You're aware that <ports at> is not an actual person, right? It's
the general-purpose ports mailing list. When <ports at> is
mentioned as a port's maintainer, that means the port in question doesn't
(currently) have a maintainer.

Moreover, the port you mention does have a maintainer: <ale at ...>.

> Checking for packages with security vulnerabilities:
> Database fetched: Mon Oct 26 00:09:27 CET 2015
> php5-phar-5.4.45
> Can you tell when we can expect the update of this port?

You can ask the maintainer, but the answer might be: never. This version
of that port (or in fact the whole of PHP 5.4) is deprecated because it's
EoL (End of Life) and no longer maintained upstream. PHP 5.4 and related
ports are set to expire on Jan 15 2015, at which point they will probably
be no longer available.

The default PHP version on FreeBSD is now 5.6.

Hope this helps,


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