Building mongodb with Poudriere?

Martin Waschbüsch martin at
Wed Oct 21 21:33:16 UTC 2015

> Am 21.10.2015 um 21:59 schrieb Martin Waschbüsch <martin at>:
> I just tested with 10.2 amd64 and the build completed without errors.
> Will setup a 10.1 jail and report my findings.

Just finished testing the build on 10.1.

I setup a clean ports tree and 10.1 jail like this:

poudriere ports -c -p HEAD
poudriere jails -c -j freebsd_10-1x64 -a amd64 -v 10.1-RELEASE -p HEAD

and ran the build with:

poudriere testport -j freebsd_10-1x64 -p HEAD -o databases/mongodb

It worked without issues.

Unless there is something intrinsically different in my approach to testing,
I guess the root cause must be in the configuration of your build system?


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