Port for Maven 3.3

Kurt Jaeger lists at opsec.eu
Wed Oct 21 12:54:58 UTC 2015


> Agreed, it sounds like we need a decision on whether we want
> devel/maven3
> devel/maven31
> devel/maven33 etc.
> or 
> devel/maven

Yes. I'm no real maven user, so I can't contribute experience.

The choice should be based on experience and probably some
testing, if the dependent ports still build and run with the
grand unified maven (which would be 3.3.x).

> >From that ticket, there isn't a huge amount that depends on Maven so the 
> consensus seemed to be for devel/maven. If that is the case I'll cancel my bug 
> and try to help facilitate that. It would be good to have some goal posts 
> agreed though, for where we need to get to for someone to be bold and just 
> commit it. I'm new here though, so I'm not sure how this usually works.

We try to do evidence-based computer science 8-), but have not found
anyone who had the time/skills to build and run-test the dependent
ports listed in


Can you say something about your time-budget ? If you soon find
the time to test, I would prefer that. Otherwise, maybe it's just time
to jump into the abyss with 3.3.x 8-}

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