Why oh why am I getting all thes extras with Postfix

Willem Jan Withagen (ecoRacks) wjw at ecoracks.nl
Fri Oct 9 08:59:58 UTC 2015


Trying to upgrade Postfix, and this is what pkg suggests:
New packages to be INSTALLED:
         jpeg-turbo: 1.4.1 [zfs.digiware.nl]
         mozjpeg: 3.1_1 [FreeBSD]
         pth-hard: 2.0.7_1 [FreeBSD]
         pkg-devel: [FreeBSD]
         php55: 5.5.30 [zfs.digiware.nl]
         php55-mbstring: 5.5.30 [zfs.digiware.nl]
         php55-zlib: 5.5.30 [zfs.digiware.nl]
         php55-session: 5.5.30 [zfs.digiware.nl]
         php55-xml: 5.5.30 [zfs.digiware.nl]
         php55-bz2: 5.5.30 [zfs.digiware.nl]
         php55-ctype: 5.5.30 [zfs.digiware.nl]
         php55-zip: 5.5.30 [zfs.digiware.nl]
         php55-filter: 5.5.30 [zfs.digiware.nl]
         php55-openssl: 5.5.30 [zfs.digiware.nl]
         php55-mcrypt: 5.5.30 [zfs.digiware.nl]
         php55-mysqli: 5.5.30 [zfs.digiware.nl]
         php55-json: 5.5.30 [zfs.digiware.nl]
         idnkit: 1.0_5 [pkg.freebsd.org]
         mysql-connector-c: 6.1.6 [FreeBSD]
         mysql55-client: 5.5.44_1 [FreeBSD]
         mariadb100-client: 10.0.21 [FreeBSD]
         mariadb55-client: 5.5.44 [FreeBSD]
         glproto: 1.4.17 [zfs.digiware.nl]
         xorg-server: 1.14.7_6,1 [pkg.freebsd.org]
         dri: 10.6.8,2 [pkg.freebsd.org]
         xkeyboard-config: 2.14 [pkg.freebsd.org]
         xkbcomp: 1.3.0 [pkg.freebsd.org]
         linux_base-c6: 6.6_6 [pkg.freebsd.org]
         gbm: 10.6.8 [zfs.digiware.nl]
         php55-sockets: 5.5.30 [zfs.digiware.nl]
         php55-mysql: 5.5.30 [zfs.digiware.nl]
         php55-hash: 5.5.30 [zfs.digiware.nl]
         php55-iconv: 5.5.30 [zfs.digiware.nl]
         php55-dom: 5.5.30 [zfs.digiware.nl]
         php55-readline: 5.5.30 [zfs.digiware.nl]
         ja-libslang: 1.4.5.j2_1 [FreeBSD]
         java-zoneinfo: 2015.f [pkg.freebsd.org]
         alsa-lib: 1.0.29 [pkg.freebsd.org]
         avahi-libdns: 0.6.31_2 [FreeBSD]
         avahi-app: 0.6.31_5 [FreeBSD]
         libdaemon: 0.14_1 [pkg.freebsd.org]

Awkward things:
- my PHP is already on 5.6
- I explicitly try to prevent getting too much X11 stuff, so I definitly 
don't want X-server and dri
- As a free bonus I also get linux_base.

This is also the fact that weird things need to be fetched from 
pkg.freebsd.org, instead of my own poudriere pakages

And I do not dare pressing 'Y' on the continue question to see if SAT is 
going to change his mind once the packages have been downloaded...

So I'm thrown back to portinstall


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