Port request: jpeg-recompress (image compression)

Torsten Zuehlsdorff mailinglists at toco-domains.de
Fri Oct 9 07:51:25 UTC 2015

Hello Murk,

> Requesting a FreeBSD port of jpeg-recompress (
> https://github.com/danielgtaylor/jpeg-archive
> <http://www.jonof.id.au/kenutils>) as part of a greater effort to get
> image_optim (https://github.com/toy/image_optim) working on FreeBSD:
> https://github.com/toy/image_optim/issues/89
> <https://gist.github.com/murkfletcher/36f662a1c0ab59ea0eac>
> Many thanks!

I'm very short of time, but if nobody else has volunteered yet, i will 
take a look at it.

Am i right, though you could support me with testing my work? ;)


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