Working of "pkg audit <unofficially updated port>"

parv at parv at
Thu Oct 8 02:03:23 UTC 2015

(Sent to -questions@ on Oct 3 but hadn't got any reply, so sending
to @ports now. Also, situation below is before www/firefox was
updated to 41.0.)

I want to know if running "pkg audit" makes any sense for a port
installed that has not been updated officially yet. Also, is it
possible to supplement the vuxml catalog for such ports installed?

Firefox 39 or 40 had been installed from ports. I got tired of
seeing package being vulnerable on every ports tree update process
that rebuilds "security/vuxml". As the "www/firefox" port has not
been updated yet, so I fetched source of firefox 41.0.1; updated
distinfo; installed (after rebuilding databases/sqlite3 with DBSTAT
option & moving out "files/patch-bug702179" out of "files").

Now I see vulnerability warnings going back to 2004, which are
just useless & rather amusing. At least the installed firefox is not
vulnerable any more (yet).

Apparently per pkg-version

  # pkg version -t 41.0.1 41.0,1

... & ...

... 41.0.1 is still vulnerable. But according to ...

... there are no outstanding vulnerabilities.

Now I am confused.


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