they all die (was: Re: ZoneMinder /zmu dies on FreeBSD 10.2)

Kurt Jaeger lists at
Mon Oct 5 18:41:37 UTC 2015


> Just thought of other binaries from Zoneminder, i.e.
> zma
> zmc
> zmf
> zms
> zms
> zmstreamer
> They all get signal 11 when I try to run them.

Do you have core dumps and backtraces ? Can you put them up somewhere ?

> Looks like there is one general error and probably a simple one.

Hmm, I'm almost done getting the port to build, but it will take a bit
more time.

> .. And looks like I have to use some alternative for those functions,
> getting short of time. :(

Uh, porting-while-short-on-time is difficult 8-}

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