pkg: fetching packages for 10.2 on 11-CURRENT

O. Hartmann ohartman at
Mon Oct 5 05:00:16 UTC 2015

Is it possible and doable via a simple setup (script/environment) to fetch
pre-built packages for 10.2-STABLE/10.2-RELEASE with pkg/pkgng on 11-CURRENT?

Background: running a development system on 11-CURRENT, on which I prefer to
build my packages in the traditional way from sources without that massive
overhead poudriere pushes me sometimes into the situation for the need of 
ordinary binary packages for a 10.2-platform. On 11-CURRENT, I use a lot of
individual configurations on the ports making the binary packages useless, but
for that specific project (based on NanoBSD), it would be great to to simply
fetch binary packages for a "foreign" system's version.

Thank you very much in advance and pelase do CC me, I'm not subscribing the


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