Uses/ does not trigger under RBPi

José Pérez fbl at
Fri Oct 2 21:56:32 UTC 2015

Hi Michelle,
thank you for your suggestion. Is this another workaround?

I mean: many port Makefiles are affected, in the sense that when built 
on Intel/AMD the ports just work because Uses/ is sucked in 
automatically, but it is not on ARM.

So, shall I report a bug on all the ports that use COMPILER_TYPE, or is 
there a way to have ARM trigger Uses/

Thank you.


José Pérez

El 2015-10-02 02:29, Michelle Sullivan escribió:
> José Pérez wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've notice that Uses/ is not triggered and as a
>> consequence does to set COMPILER_TYPE.
>> me at raspberry-pi:~ % cat Makefile
>> all:
>>         @${ECHO_CMD} ${LOCALBASE}
>>         @${ECHO_CMD} ${COMPILER_TYPE}
>> .include <>
>> me at raspberry-pi:~ % make
>> /usr/local
>> me at raspberry-pi:~ %
>> As a result building ports is a nightmare.
>> Note how in AMD64 it works:
>> me at amd64:~ % make
>> /usr/local
>> clang
>> me at amd64:~ %
>> As a workaround I set COMPILER_TYPE=clang in /etc/make.conf but this
>> is just an ugly hack.
>> Can some expert trow a little light on this? Thank you.
>> Regards,
> Try adding:
> USES+=   compiler
> to the makefile first...
> (and it still has some issues but that should solve the first)

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