Uses/ does not trigger under RBPi

José Pérez fbl at
Thu Oct 1 23:39:13 UTC 2015

I've notice that Uses/ is not triggered and as a consequence 
does to set COMPILER_TYPE.

me at raspberry-pi:~ % cat Makefile
         @${ECHO_CMD} ${LOCALBASE}
         @${ECHO_CMD} ${COMPILER_TYPE}
.include <>
me at raspberry-pi:~ % make

me at raspberry-pi:~ %

As a result building ports is a nightmare.

Note how in AMD64 it works:
me at amd64:~ % make
me at amd64:~ %

As a workaround I set COMPILER_TYPE=clang in /etc/make.conf but this is 
just an ugly hack.

Can some expert trow a little light on this? Thank you.


José Pérez

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