devel/hub build failed on 8.4, how to proceed?

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Mon Mar 30 14:32:59 UTC 2015

On Mon, 30 Mar 2015 13:25:47 +0300 Kostantinos Koukopoulos
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> Hello,
> I'm maintaining devel/hub, and for the first time while doing so, a build
> has failed:
> I have a couple of questions about how I should proceed. First: are we
> (port maintainers) responsible for addressing this type of issue, where the
> build fails only on a legacy release of FreeBSD? Second, assuming we don't
> have the time to investigate the cause ourselves, is it acceptable to
> simply open an issue with the upstream provider? Third, if and when we have
> the time, is running a 8.4 jail on poudriere the easiest way to go about
> debugging the issue?
Since you are the maintainer, the answer is ultimately your choice. But
your answers to the above questions will largely determine the ultimate
value of your port. :)
You needn't open a pr(1). [personally] I would wait to see if the
problem actually manifests itself in "real life".
poudriere is one option. But there is no good reason you can't create
a jail, use a VM, or use any other means to create a suitable
environment as a test bed, to isolate the problem/issue. Lastly; If you
truly believe the problem exists in the source, you should report it
upstream. Unless you want to fix it for them. :)
P.S. don't forget that you can always mark the port broken for
ARCH, or OSVERSION, or any combination of the two.

> Last, if anyone has any idea why a Golang build would fail with these
> errors please share it with me:
> /var/tmp/go-link-ejdAoV/go.o(.text+0x1cc44): In function
> 'runtime.mallocinit': /usr/local/go/src/runtime/malloc.c:219: relocation
> truncated to fit: R_386_32 runtime.end
> /var/tmp/go-link-ejdAoV/go.o(.debug_info+0x10f493): In function
> 'time.Time.IsZero':
> /usr/local/go/src/time/time.go:242: relocation truncated to fit:
> R_386_32 runtime.end
Purely a guess; maybe not 100% 32bit compatible? But I have no idea.

> Thank you,
> Konstantinos
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