patch to to support out-of-tree patches.

G. Paul Ziemba pz-freebsd-ports at
Tue Mar 24 20:26:19 UTC 2015

mva at (Marcus von Appen) writes:

>Julian Elischer <julian at>:

>>          esac | ${PATCH} ${PATCH_DIST_ARGS} `patch_dist_strip $$i` ; \
>>      done )
>>  .endif
>> +.if defined(EXTRA_PATCH_TREE)
>> +.endif
>>  .if defined(EXTRA_PATCHES)
>>      @set -e ; \
>>      for i in ${EXTRA_PATCHES}; do \
>> ============

>Nice. I'd however change the patch behaviour to the following:

>- patch-* from FreeBSD
>- local patches

>Your patch looks like it appleis the out-of-tree patches prior
>to any EXTRA_PATCHES defined by the port itself. This should not be
>the case, in my opinion. Locally managed patches should always come
>last to ensure that all FreeBSD/maintainer-specific bits have been
>applied and the local changes are just added on top of those.

Julian and others, I am wholly in favor of this capability. I have
been using a similar patch for some years based on
the discussions in this thread:

I also agree with Marcus above regarding the order of application of patches.

Looking forward to its inclusion in the ports tree.
G. Paul Ziemba
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