Problems with openssl 1.0.2 update

Guido Falsi madpilot at
Mon Mar 23 12:40:40 UTC 2015

On 03/23/15 11:33, Gerhard Schmidt wrote:
> Hi,
> we experiencing a problem after upgrading  the openssl port to openssl
> 1.0.2.
> /usr/bin/vi started to crash after some seconds with segfault.
> /rescue/vi works just fine. Deleting the openssl 1.0.2 package
> everything works just fine again. Installing the old openssl 1.0.1_18
> package it still works just fine.
> it seams that besides vi the bash also has this problem. Anybody
> experiencing the same or is this something specific to my system.
> I'm running FreeBSD 10.1 updated tonight.

I am seeing runtime problems with asterisk13 (which I maintain), caused
by the OpenSSL update fallout.

In this case, after some analysis, I concluded the problem is the
libsrtp port requiring OpenSSL from ports(for a reason), causing
asterisk to link to that too, which would be correct.

Asterisk also uses the security/trousers port, which links to system
OpenSSL. This ensues a conflict which now results in asterisk
segfaulting and stopping to work.

I'm investigating what can be done about this. As a local solution I can
force the trousers port to link against OpenSSL from ports, but this
will not fix the general problem. As a port maintaner I ony see
modifying the trousers port to depend on ports OpenSSL as a solution, is
this acceptable?

Guido Falsi <madpilot at>

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