gnu dependencies

side light sidelight12 at
Sun Mar 22 05:35:15 UTC 2015

   Since FreeBSD now has Clang and always had its own shell, a lot of
   dependencies and options like bash, gnu, hal, gcc, and gtk aren't
   needed for many ports to compile. Some programs (especially gtk
   affiliated and linux emulation programs) still fail without gmake, but
   there is gmake-lite for that.

   The point is, I was able to compile programs by removing many of these
   dependencies from Makefile's, and reduced compile time from 2 hours to
   5 minutes for emulators/wine, with no problems, and the program worked.

   I think there is a lot of bloat on ports, because it was imported, with
   only one knowhow of how to compile it. Now that this is pointed out,
   this way should be easier, and certain dependencies do have their BSD
   equilvalent replacements.


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