Circular dependencies with ImageMagick port

Yves Guérin yvesguerin at
Fri Mar 13 15:21:21 UTC 2015

I try to compile the graphic/ImageMagick port and I face an circular dependencies between sdl and zziplib

I run: FreeBSD daemonBSD 10.1-RELEASE-p6 FreeBSD 10.1-RELEASE-p6 #0: Tue Feb 24 18:57:59 UTC 2015     root at  i386
>From the log look for the following keywords "***" and "CIRCULAR DEPENDENCIE"
So the path is: ImageMagick --...---> graphviz --> devil --> sdl* --> plusaudio --> dbus --> xmlto --> dblatex --> texlive --> weave --> zziplib --> sdl* (go back to sql port)
The port tree was installed the 9th March 2015
Thank you in advance for your help 
Yves Guerin

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