pkgng deviates from defaults?

Carsten Jensen tomse at
Tue Mar 10 12:31:14 UTC 2015

On 03/10/2015 12:19 AM, Adam McDougall wrote:>> Lots of good answers, 
thank you :-)
 >> I can understand that php 5.6 is now the default, I did major upgrades a
 >> few weeks back,
 >> and it was 5.4 that was the default then.  Thats not a problem for me as
 >> long as the upgrade
 >> process isn't troublesome.
 >> But I'm wondering why pkg-ng wants to remove other packages rather than
 >> just upgrading
 >> or reinstalling due to dependencies have changed.
 >> Shouldn't these applications have been built using the new defaults?
 >> The problems occured during the simple:
 >> pkg upgrade
 >> oh, and I've seen a couple of lines similar to this:
 >> mod_php5 has no direct installation candidates, change it to mod_php5?
 >> [Y/n]:
 >> no matter what I've chosen it does nothing than exiting to the shell,
 >> trying to run pkg upgrade
 >> again and it asks the same question.
 >> Carsten
 > Sorry, I meant "pkg upgrade -f" may give you better results because it
 > will pull down all rebuilt packages and have more information to resolve
 > the problem, at least in my experience.  It doesn't seem like it should
 > be necessary though.
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I'll see if that can help me.
thanks for the help.


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