pkgng deviates from defaults?

Adam McDougall mcdouga9 at
Mon Mar 9 15:44:04 UTC 2015

On 03/09/2015 08:23, Carsten Jensen wrote:
> On 03/08/2015 02:41 PM, Baptiste Daroussin wrote:
>> On Sun, Mar 08, 2015 at 01:46:28PM +0100, Carsten Jensen wrote:
>>> It seems that pkgng deviates from installing the defaults.
>>> one of the culprits seems to be phpMyAdmin, as trying to upgrade this
>>> only it wants php56
>>> deleting phpMyAdmin just shows I have other packages needing php56 in my
>>> system.
>>> is this a bug? and how can I prevent upgrading to the non-default php56?
>> The default settings are a ports tree setting not a pkg setting. for
>> now the
>> ports are hardcoding the required version into the packages, this is a
>> legacy of
>> the old system, noone has yet been working on this. so beside building
>> your own
>> packages with poudriere (which will define the default you want) righ
>> now there
>> is no way to avoid that.
>> The php case but not only php will require small changes in pkg(8) to
>> activate
>> smart dependencies: depend on a>1<=2.10 and also adding
>> provides/requires (this
>> is not very hard to be added in pkg.) and it should also require heavy
>> changes
>> on the port side!
>> As far as I know noone has been working on those changes in the port
>> side. the
>> pkg(8) changes are mostly pending for real use cases in the port side.
>> Meaning
>> both should be coordinated.
>> Best regards,
>> Bapt
> Sorry I don't think I was clear.
> Some applications wants php5 and some applications wants php56 when
> upgrading using pkg-ng.
> Using pkg-ng one cannot upgrade i.e. both phpMyAdmin and an other web
> based application due to this conflict.
> So while the upgrade happens to upgrade to php56 it also removes the
> other web application, as it only wants php5.
> Most of the applications on the server is maintained by pkg-ng, and it
> conflicts itself.
> Basically there are now 2 "default" php versions used by pkg-ng
> meaning, _I_ am not trying to upgrade to php56, pkg-ng does but it also
> tries to upgrade php5.
> I can't find any hardcode to php56 in the Makefile of databases/phpmyadmin
> I don't know if this is expressed better, I hope so atleast.
> Cheers
> Carsten

I think there is some confusion because the default PHP version in ports
recently changed to 5.6, and now the official packages are pulling in 5.6:

pkg sometimes tries to remove conflicting packages (like ones that need
5.5) unless you "pkg upgrade" without specifying a package and then it
has better information on what to reinstall so packages might not get

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