pkgng deviates from defaults?

Carsten Jensen tomse at
Mon Mar 9 12:23:16 UTC 2015

On 03/08/2015 02:41 PM, Baptiste Daroussin wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 08, 2015 at 01:46:28PM +0100, Carsten Jensen wrote:
>> It seems that pkgng deviates from installing the defaults.
>> one of the culprits seems to be phpMyAdmin, as trying to upgrade this
>> only it wants php56
>> deleting phpMyAdmin just shows I have other packages needing php56 in my
>> system.
>> is this a bug? and how can I prevent upgrading to the non-default php56?
> The default settings are a ports tree setting not a pkg setting. for now the
> ports are hardcoding the required version into the packages, this is a legacy of
> the old system, noone has yet been working on this. so beside building your own
> packages with poudriere (which will define the default you want) righ now there
> is no way to avoid that.
> The php case but not only php will require small changes in pkg(8) to activate
> smart dependencies: depend on a>1<=2.10 and also adding provides/requires (this
> is not very hard to be added in pkg.) and it should also require heavy changes
> on the port side!
> As far as I know noone has been working on those changes in the port side. the
> pkg(8) changes are mostly pending for real use cases in the port side. Meaning
> both should be coordinated.
> Best regards,
> Bapt

Sorry I don't think I was clear.
Some applications wants php5 and some applications wants php56 when 
upgrading using pkg-ng.
Using pkg-ng one cannot upgrade i.e. both phpMyAdmin and an other web 
based application due to this conflict.

So while the upgrade happens to upgrade to php56 it also removes the 
other web application, as it only wants php5.

Most of the applications on the server is maintained by pkg-ng, and it 
conflicts itself.

Basically there are now 2 "default" php versions used by pkg-ng
meaning, _I_ am not trying to upgrade to php56, pkg-ng does but it also 
tries to upgrade php5.

I can't find any hardcode to php56 in the Makefile of databases/phpmyadmin

I don't know if this is expressed better, I hope so atleast.


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