Overriding binary package with local build

Mike Clarke jmc-freebsd2 at milibyte.co.uk
Mon Mar 9 12:12:33 UTC 2015

On Mon, 9 Mar 2015 09:43:24 +0000
heasley <heas at shrubbery.net> wrote:

> For example.  On this system I've built gld with postgres instead of mysql
> and postfix with another option.  The mysql dependency is coming from the
> binary gld with the default options.  And, in theory postfix has
> different options, but also needs an update.

pkg lock gld

This will prevent gld from being updated by pkg but it will also
prevent you from installing it when you rebuild it so you will need to
unlock it for the duration while you're building it. See pkg-lock(8).

Mike Clarke

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