devel/dbus no longer starts at system poweron

Kevin Oberman rkoberman at
Sun Mar 8 20:14:39 UTC 2015

On Thu, Mar 5, 2015 at 10:39 PM, Beeblebrox <zaphod at> wrote:

> > Just to let you know, I have not forgotten your issue. Just have not
> > gotten to it
> No worries. As you saw on the thread on current, this is really the least
> of my woes with
> > The output you provided will at least get me started, but I really
> > need the full rcorder output.
> I can attempt to sort through parts of it if you give me some idea of
> howto / what to look for.
> Regards.
> --
> FreeBSD_amd64_11-Current_RadeonKMS
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Someone found it before it did. Looks like the issue is most likely devd
which requires ldconfig or no obvious reason. (It's static.)

Take a look at

I am not entirely convinced that there are not some other issues that are
causing this type of error, but this is at least one of them. Most are
probably port issues, but this one is in the base system. Ouch!

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