Poudriere testport failure but manual jailed build success

Marin BERNARD marin at olivarim.com
Wed Mar 4 09:07:58 UTC 2015

>>> Hi,
>>> I've been banging my head for several days on what follows and I've come to
>>> the point where I have to get some help. Here's the point.  
>>> I'm trying to port LizardFS (a distributed file system for Unix/Linux) on
>>> FreeBSD and I built a port candidate I would like to submit. But first I
>>> needed to be sure everything was OK, so I ran some tests. As of now:
>>>   - The port builds fine on FreeBSD 10.1-RELEASE amd64 host.
>>>   - portlint does not report any issue (on the same host as above)
>>>   - port test (from porttools) happily validates the port (on the same host
>>> as above)   - BUT poudriere fails to build the port.
>>> I'm using poudriere 3.1.1 on FreeBSD 11-Current, and failure occurs within a
>>> FreeBSD 10.1-RELEASE amd64 jail.  
>>> What basically happens is that the build process runs fine until it reaches
>>> man page generation. There, a2x throws an error because xlstproc returns with
>>> return code 5 (= "error in the stylesheet"), whereas it shouldn't. What kills
>>> me here is that if I enter the jail after the failure and try to build the
>>> port manually, everything builds fine! You'll find poudriere log at the end
>>> of this message.  
>>Any reason you couldn't simply lower the risk of failure based
>>on tools you have no control over; by simply creating a valid
>>man page to begin with? In other words; if the man is already
>>properly formatted groff/troff/mandoc (take your pick). You
>>wouldn't ever need to worry again. :)

Hi Chris. Many thanks for answering me.
I'm not sure I understand: are you suggesting to ship the final manpage with the
port files instead of building it from scratch ? If so, is this considered good practice?
I thought the build process of a port had to be as much dynamic as possible: was I


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