mail/roundcube selfsigned TLS problem after upgrade to php56 (SOLVED)

Marko Cupać marko.cupac at
Mon Mar 2 08:56:21 UTC 2015


my roundcube was connecting happily to dovecot2 server over TLS
for a few years, until recent upgrade of php ports (5.4 -> 5.6) and
roundcube (1.0.5 -> 1.1.0).

Luckily, all I needed to add to roundcube config was:

$config['imap_conn_options'] = array(
	'ssl' => array(
			'verify_peer' => true,
			'verify_depth' => 3,
			'cafile' => '/etc/ssl/public/dovecot.pem',

I found this information on archlinux forums:

Hope this saves some time to someone, I had my webmail non-functional
longer than I'd like to because of this change.

Marko Cupać

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