[HEADSUP] portmaster/portupgrade support for new features

Baptiste Daroussin bapt at FreeBSD.org
Mon Jun 29 09:22:33 UTC 2015

hi all,

A couple of new features are coming to the ports tree. The first of which has
landed in the ports tree and should not be used before a while, still before we
start using it, it would be a very good idea to bring support for it to
portmaster/portupgrade. (I have already done the change in poudriere and it will
be in te next version.)

So since recently we can remove the ${PORTSDIR} from all the dependency lines.
(Please do not use that syntax before all the tools are able to handle it!)

Aka BLA_DEPENDS= pattern:${PORTSDIR}/category/port can now become

I haven't checked portmaster/portupgrade code so I have no idea if they will
support that out of box or if they will need some changes.

I would really appreciate to see people testing that and provide patches if
necessary so that the day we adopt this syntax those tools are already ready to
use it ootb.

FYI: https://github.com/freebsd/portmaster and

Later more changes will be necessary to support upcoming VARIANTS (formerly
known as FLAVOURS) and sub packages.

This first step would allow you to step into the code of those tools before the
having to deal with more intrusive changes :)

Best regards,
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