FreeBSD Port: imapfilter-2.6

Bruno.MARTIN at Bruno.MARTIN at
Mon Jun 22 11:58:30 UTC 2015


After upgrading imapfilter to 2.6 on a FreeBSD 10.1 by a pkg upgrade, I am unable to connect anymore to an imap server 
(which I checked SSL3 and TLS compatible).
The error is the following:

$ imapfilter -c .imapfilter/config.lua
imapfilter: login request to <me at> failed
stack traceback:
	[C]: in ?
	[C]: in function 'error'
	/usr/local/share/imapfilter/account.lua:68: in function '_check_result'
	/usr/local/share/imapfilter/account.lua:84: in function '_login_user'
	/usr/local/share/imapfilter/account.lua:46: in function 'IMAP'
	.imapfilter/config.lua.orig:6: in main chunk

I've read it already happened and rebooting my machine did not help in this case.
I tried to change the .lua account definition according to the samples with the same error.



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