Maintainer Request for old port: net/udpsend

James Elstone james at
Thu Jun 18 20:39:40 UTC 2015

Hi FreeBSD Ports!


I am writing in connection with the port [net/udpcast], historic details of
which I found here:


I would like to take on this port, potentially host source code, and
actively maintain the port please!


I am familiar with the FreeBSD porting process, but would like to understand
if the existing depreciated port can be resurfaced (as hinted on the strap
line comment on FreshPorts), or if I submit a new port via the usual


I have a bit of an interest in restoring this utility to its former hay-day,
and don't agree with the original idea of making it deprecated:

"Unfortunately, IPv4 multicast is very nearly a thing of the (distant) past.
None of these ports are maintained, almost all of them are not up to date
with the latest versions, most of which were released many years ago."


I my humble opinion, in my context, I have a direct need to use this on the
FreeBSD platform for the foreseeable future, and am still keen to give back
more to the FreeBSD community.  The port does not just support multicast,
but also supports one-way (not half-duplex) unicast udp file transfer which
is the element I am interested in.


Guidance, wisdom and advice on this topic would be most welcomed please?


Kind regards,


James Elstone

james at

+44 (0) 7775 633 330

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