Any ports that download whole trees with git?

Jan Beich jbeich at
Wed Jun 17 02:10:00 UTC 2015

(a few points on top of Xin's)

Xin Li <delphij at> writes:

> On 06/16/15 16:33, kpneal at wrote:
>> Are there any ports that download entire source trees using git?

Fetching over VCS without generating intermediate distfile would bypass
our mirroring infrastructure. Also, the package cluster uses distfile
cache to speed up build on many release/architecture combinations.

>> I'm looking at doing a port, but the only source for the source is
>> a tree in git. Are there any examples I can crib from?
> You would have to export the tree and upload it to somewhere that can
> host it if it's not already done by the Git service provider.

To maintain consistency in distfile naming/contents and help yourself
snapshot generation is probably better be automated. See devel/llvm-devel
or www/calendarserver as examples though they're for subversion.

> For instance, services like github already have download services when
> a tag or SHA1 hash is specified, see code blocks related to USE_GITHUB
> in ports/Mk/ for additional details.

Keep in mind such a service should generate distfile with consistent
checksum. It's not rare when checksum varies due to volatile timestamps
of the files within (e.g.

GitHub is well-supported, so creating a mirror there can be an option if
you have nowhere to host a snapshot. You'd only need to sync or re-create
the mirror when updating the port.


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