foomatic-db Kyocera directory contents make cups give an error

Torfinn Ingolfsen tingox at
Sun Jun 14 21:10:37 UTC 2015

cups error log file contains lines like this:
root at kg-core1# grep Kyocera /var/log/cups/error_log | tail -2
E [14/Jun/2015:19:26:09 +0200] [cups-driverd] Bad driver information
file "/usr/local/share/cups/model/foomatic-db-ppds/Kyocera/ReadMe.htm"!
E [14/Jun/2015:22:49:54 +0200] [cups-driverd] Bad driver information
file "/usr/local/share/cups/model/foomatic-db-ppds/Kyocera/ReadMe.htm"!

If you compare the Kyocera directory:
root at kg-core1# l /usr/local/share/cups/model/foomatic-db-ppds/Kyocera/
./          ../         ReadMe.htm  de/         en/         es/
 fr/         it/         pt/

to another directory:
root at kg-core1# l /usr/local/share/cups/model/foomatic-db-ppds/Epson
./               epalc380.ppd.gz  epalcx21.ppd.gz  epalmx20.ppd.gz
epln2700.ppd.gz  eplp920c.ppd.gz
../              epalc400.ppd.gz  epalm200.ppd.gz  epalmx21.ppd.gz
epln3000.ppd.gz  eplp950c.ppd.gz
epal2600.ppd.gz  epalc410.ppd.gz  epalm201.ppd.gz  epl5900.ppd.gz
epln7000.ppd.gz  eplp960s.ppd.gz
epalc190.ppd.gz  epalc420.ppd.gz  epalm240.ppd.gz  epl6100.ppd.gz
eplp830c.ppd.gz  eplp980c.ppd.gz
epalc200.ppd.gz  epalc860.ppd.gz  epalm241.ppd.gz  epl6200.ppd.gz
epalc260.ppd.gz  epalc910.ppd.gz  epalm400.ppd.gz  epln2500.ppd.gz
epalc280.ppd.gz  epalc920.ppd.gz  epalm800.ppd.gz  epln2550.ppd.gz
it is easy to spot the problem.

If this is harmless or not, I do not know.
Tested on
tingo at kg-core1$ uname -a
FreeBSD 9.3-STABLE FreeBSD 9.3-STABLE #0 r273918: Fri
Oct 31 22:52:44 CET 2014
root at  amd64
root at kg-core1# pkg which /usr/local/share/cups/model/foomatic-db-ppds
/usr/local/share/cups/model/foomatic-db-ppds was installed by package
root at kg-core1# portversion -v foomatic-db*
[Reading data from pkg(8) ... - 825 packages found - done]
foomatic-db-20150415        =  up-to-date with port
foomatic-db-engine-4.0.12,2  =  up-to-date with port

Torfinn Ingolfsen

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