OpenSSL Security Advisory [11 Jun 2015]

Michelle Sullivan michelle at
Sat Jun 13 22:48:50 UTC 2015

Don Lewis wrote:
> Something to consider is building your own customized releases and
> setting up your own freebsd-update server.  It's an additional headache,
> but would allow you to eliminate some possible additional hazards, such
> as the setuid rsh and rlogin.  I'm thinking about doing it here.  I
> generally track -STABLE and have some src.conf tweaks, so I'm used to
> doing source upgrades, but some of my machines are pretty slow and being
> able to keep them up to date with freebsd-update would be a time saver.

I'd love to setup my own freebsd-update server - if only there were docs
about how to do it... I'd have done it a couple of months ago, Google
didn't reveal anything to me when I looked though...


Michelle Sullivan

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