Re: New port with USES=gmake will not stage

Euan Thoms euan at
Thu Jun 11 07:43:57 UTC 2015

On Thursday, June 11, 2015 15:35 SGT, Rainer Hurling <rhurlin at> wrote: 

> I am wondering, if there is a small typo in your PORTNAME. Shouldn't it 
> be 'opensips1-tls' instead of 'opensips1-lts' (lts -> tls)?
> And why do you use 'opensips1' instead of 'opensips'? PORTVERSION 
> already includes the version number. It seems, this complicates the 
> subsequent setting of WRKSRC etc ...

No, it's not  a typo. It's version 1.11.5 LTS (Long Term Support), so I named it opensips1-lts so that the current stable (v2.1.0) could be called opensips or opensips2. In other words I'm thinking further down the line. But I'm personally most interested in a LTS branch. I needs the upgrade stability, rather than new features. 

Regards, Euan Thoms 

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