cups, and hplip too, fail to recognize printer when I try to print

Thomas Mueller mueller6724 at
Wed Jun 3 03:38:28 UTC 2015

from Max Brazhnikov:

> On Tue, 2 Jun 2015 04:34:02 +0000 (UTC) Thomas Mueller wrote:
> > I have printer, HP_LaserJet_Professional_M1212nf_MFP

> This printer needs binary plugin to work:

> You can install print/hplip-plugin and play with it (not sure if it works), or install print/foo2zjs which provides open source driver for this printer.

I've been painfully aware of the need for binary plugin.  I intend to avoid such a printer in the future, also not buy anything from HP.

I installed print/hplip-plugin, which I can no longer find on the web, but could still not get past hpcups filter that failed.

I also installed print/foo2zjs, but that only converts the data.  hpcups filter would still play Berlin Wall.  Now I know not to waste time trying to install print/foo2zjs for NetBSD.

from Patrick Hess:

> Just looked up the data sheet and it seems like this "professional"
> printer doesn't even understand PostScript. Instead, it requires a
> filter that converts the PostScript used within the printing systems
> on any *nix box to whatever the printer can handle. I would assume
> that hplip did install the necessary filter, but either CUPS can't
> find it or the filter itself has an issue. One of the various log
> files in /var/log/cups might provide some more detailed information
> on what exactly is going on in the background.

> By the way, this is the exact reason why I don't buy printers without
> PostScript support any more. Getting this whole filter mess set up
> feels like an unnecessary pain that can easily be avoided by spending
> a few extra bucks. That's not of much help to you right now, of course,
> but maybe something to consider the next time you're looking to get a
> new printer.

I need to be more careful when shopping for my next printer.

Requirements are working with standard interface, standard pdf or PostScript, no proprietary plugin, no HP.

I'd like both USB, Ethernet, and wi-fi, though that won't work if binary plugins or corrupted version of PostScript get in the way.

> > But it still seems that /usr/local/sbin and /usr/local/bin in FreeBSD,
> > or /usr/pkg/sbin and /usr/pkg/bin in NetBSD, should properly be at the
> > front of the path

> I just deleted /usr/bin/lpr and /usr/bin/lp on my systems. Certainly not
> the proper way to handle things, so don't tell anybody... ;-)

You don't have to do that.  Just put /usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin at the head of the path, or /usr/pkg/sbin:/usr/pkg/bin for NetBSD.


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