SOLVED: pkg version mismatch [succeeds port...]

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-ports-local at
Mon Jun 1 20:45:11 UTC 2015

[pkg@ snipped, because it's irrelevant]

Jeffrey Bouquet via freebsd-ports <freebsd-ports at> writes:

> I noticed the ports tree here had net/uget 1.10.4_1 even after "svn up"... while
> pkg upgrading installed 2.0.  "pkg version" (one of 3 ways) reported 
> "succeeds port"... was about to post a question about pkg, but it can be fixed
> by 
> cd /usr/ports/net/uget
> svn revert . -R 
> [found at stackoverflow]
> [I've about thirty of so of those directories to fix up, for installed ports... it seems].
> Wondering if the fix can be put in CAVEATS or something in the pkg version
> man page... "for those using subversion..." 
> also if ever a man page with many examples is crafted for subversion on FreeBSD,
> that could be one of them.
> Others:
> cd /usr/ports
> svn resolve .

These would not be useful to document unless you can document how you
got into those situations in the first place. "svn revert" is only
necessary if you made local changes to the sources under svn control,
and even then usually if svn can't automatically merge upstream changes
into yours. "svn resolve" is the way to sort out the merge if svn can't
do it.

It sounds like you're not intending to make local changes at all. In
that case, I'd recommend you use something else (probably portsnap) to
maintain your ports tree.

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