comms/seyon distfile recovered

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Mon Jun 1 13:18:31 UTC 2015

Sorry for butting in so late, I was on vacation :-|

Am 08.05.15 um 04:11 schrieb Jan Beich:
> "Julian H. Stacey" <jhs at> writes:
>> linimon at wrote:
>> Subject:	Re: FreeBSD unmaintained ports which are currently marked broken
>> I added cc: me at FYI as creator of Makefile
>>> As part of an ongoing effort to reduce the number of problems in
>>> portname:           comms/seyon
>>> broken because:     Unfetchable
>>> build errors:       none.
>>> overview:
>> ftp
>> ftp: Can't connect to `': Connection refused
>> ftp: Can't connect to `'
>> I have the necessary distfile: 
>> -rw-r--r--  1 jhs  staff  224819 Apr 27  1993 9.3-RELEASE/Seyon-2.14b-tar.Z
>> MD5 (9.3-RELEASE/Seyon-2.14b-tar.Z) = bc4903422dcedd245cffedd49e923a79
>> I put a temporary copy here:
> Maybe you can test 2.20c instead? I've also unbroken epdfview.

>> Please copy to
> Do you mean local-distfiles? That's a privilege of *maintained* ports. ;)
> Otherwise, shouldn't be a primary mirror.

I'm not sure if it is a good idea to keep Seyon as a port around at all.
IMO, it has outlived its use for a decade now and also has not been
under active development for more than 15 years. No idea what security
issues lie lurking in there.

Even though I provided the original port, I personally haven't used it
for the last fifteen years either and cannot even remember what I was
using it for back then :-|



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