error message from Freshports after commit?

Mathieu Arnold mat at
Mon Jul 27 22:56:49 UTC 2015

+--On 27 juillet 2015 11:55:24 +0200 Alexander Leidinger
<Alexander at> wrote:
| testtarget:
| .if defined(${QUOTED_VAR}) && ${QUOTED_VAR} == "test"
|   	echo works
| .endif

No.  If you run "make QUOTED_VAR=test testtarget" this will evaluate as:

.if defined(test) && test == "test"
  	echo works

and of course, test is not defined.

You want to write:

.if defined(QUOTED_VAR) && ${QUOTED_VAR} == "test"
  	echo works

Mathieu Arnold
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