error message from Freshports after commit?

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Sun Jul 26 20:32:02 UTC 2015

On Sun, 26 Jul 2015 15:29:25 +0200
Mathieu Arnold <mat at> wrote:

> +--On 26 juillet 2015 15:20:29 +0200 Alexander Leidinger
> <Alexander at> wrote:
> | 
> | Hi,
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> | after committing the 64bit parts of the linux base ports, I got a
> mail | parts of the commit. Those parts work just fine on my
> (current) system. | What's wrong?
> You're running 10.x I assume, install fmake, or try on a 9.x or 8.x
> system.

It's -current.

I installed fmake now and it complains about
# fmake -V PORTNAME
"/usr/share/mk/", line 36: Unknown directive
"/usr/share/mk/", line 364: Unknown directive
Unknown modifier 'U'

As I didn't change that file, that seems to be a dead end.

The fmake man-page says:
     An expression may also be a numeric or string comparison: in this
case, the left-hand side must be a variable expansion, whereas the
right-hand side can be a constant or a variable expansion.  Variable
expansion is performed on both sides, after which the resulting values
are compared. A value is interpreted as hexadecimal if it is preceded
by 0x, otherwise it is decimal; octal numbers are not supported.

Now... is
.if "${QUOTED_VAR}" == "test"
	echo works
a variable expansion as of above, or do I need to remove the quotes
like below
.if ${QUOTED_VAR} == "test"
	echo works

Anyone out there with a 8.x or 9.x system who can test the above?


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