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Fri Jul 24 13:20:50 UTC 2015

On Fri, 24 Jul 2015 17:21:07 +1000 (EST) Dave Horsfall <dave at>

> FreeBSD 9.3-RELEASE-p20 (GENERIC) #0: Tue Jul 21 19:29:33 UTC 2015
> Having completely scragged my ports area following various changes to 
> pkg/pkgng/etc, and being unable to "sysinstall" it from CD (not found for 
> some reason) or via FTP (not found on server etc), I found a pristine copy 
> of ports.txz and unpacked it (sigh, yet another compression scheme), after 
> renaming the old directory.
> Anyway, what do I do now?  Assume that many ports have been installed, and 
> that the databases etc are probably a dog's breakfast, per the conflicts 
> that I have posted here earlier.  If it helps, I have a list of those 
> ports that were installed, and hopefully the dependencies will be taken 
> care of automagically.
> Thanks.
Maybe I'm missing something regarding your particular situation. But
svn co svn:// /usr/ports
have given it to you?

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