Trouble after Cacti upgrade

Andrea Venturoli ml at
Tue Jul 21 11:50:36 UTC 2015


Today, seeing the security advisory, I upgraded cacti to 0.8.8f on a 
9.3/amd64 box.
Then I connected to the web interface and I was offered the upgrade 
procedure; after that I get a blank web page.
The upgrade did not complete, so Cacti is not available.

In httpd-error log, I see:
> PHP Warning:  include(): Failed opening '0_8_8f_to_0_8_8f.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/local/share/pear') in /usr/local/share/cacti/install/index.php on line 471, referer: https://xxxxxxxxx.xxxxx/cacti/install/index.php

In fact I don't see this file neither installed, neither in 
Any hint?

  bye & Thanks

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