Self committing... allowed or not?

Michelle Sullivan michelle at
Sun Jul 19 21:09:34 UTC 2015

Mathieu Arnold wrote:
> +--On 19 juillet 2015 14:02:53 +0200 Michelle Sullivan <michelle at>
> wrote:
> | please correct me if I'm wrong but isn't self committing (those with the
> | commit bit committing their own patches without QA/review/adding
> | patchfiles to the PR) against the rules?... or is it just a free-for-all
> | now?
> It is not.
That would seem at first read that the changes were not within the
normal 'rules' (which was my thought and my reason for the email.)

The patches should have been sent to the maintainer for review before
invoking the timeout (as has happened to me in the past - patches were
sent I was on holiday in the Seychelles when I got back I had to catch
up with work in the mean time (at the beginning of my holiday) a patch
was submitted to fix the testing phase of one of my ports and they timed
it out on me with a rather sarcastic comment IIRC... they were right to
time it out, and had they waited for me to review and comment it would
have been over a month before I had gotten to it in the end, but a patch
was created by someone, submitted for review and after 14 days the patch
was committed as 'timed out'.)

Michelle Sullivan

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