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Bob Eager rde at
Sun Jul 19 20:01:07 UTC 2015

On Fri, 17 Jul 2015 15:11:55 +0100
Matthew Seaman <m.seaman at> wrote:

> You don't need to use portmaster on the slave machines.  Just create a
> repository from the packages you've built on your primary machine --
> which is basically done by runnig 'pkg repo' in the directory where
> you've put all the pkg tarballs.  Export that directory somehow --
> either via a webserver or by NFS mounting it on the clients or some
> other way.  Set up a repo.conf on your clients so they will use that
> repo, and then use pkg(8) to install the packages on your client
> machines.

Good point. Of course...I already have that repository, all set up, by
definition. That's how I distributed the packages in the first place!

> Even better: rather than using portmaster, try poudriere instead,
> which will help you automate a large chunk of that -- it will build
> all the packages which are out of date or otherwise need refreshing
> and automatically add them to your repo with just one command.

poudriere is great (and I have used it) for cross-platform and
cross-release stuff. With a single release, 10 systems to update, all
the same, it seems more than I need.

All I seem to need with portmaster is:

  portmaster -a
  pkg repo

after all..

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