Building Latest links etc.

Bob Eager rde at
Fri Jul 17 13:20:28 UTC 2015

This is the scenario. I build all packages locally (a number have
special configs). This is done on one machine, which is then the
repository for 'pkg install'.

So far so good.

I now want to update the ports. I see how to do this using portmaster,
and how to generate packages on the package server. do I use portmaster on the 'slave' machines, using the
packages I built? I can ask it to use a local directory, and NFS mount
the main package directory on the package server. But portmaster
requires the Latest directory, symlinks, etc. My manual build didn't
add those originally.

Is there an easy way of building all the symlinks required by
portmaster? I can see how to regenerate Latest, but portmaster asks for
other stuff according to the manual page. I know portmaster -g will do
this but that won't do the existing packages.

Is there a script somewhere, or am I over complicating things?


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