poudriere with custom packages

Matthew Seaman matthew at freebsd.org
Thu Jul 16 09:52:27 UTC 2015

On 07/16/15 10:19, Aristedes Maniatis wrote:
> It was pretty much magic, but I pulled apart some existing packages
> and took a guess at most of it.
>    https://gist.github.com/ari/01eaae67d8c941ccaf68
> On the plus side this is a really simple package, nothing
> complicated. Install a couple of files and a user.

Yeah -- the key to making a custom pkg is generating the MANIFEST.  Some
of that can be dealt with by pkg already -- generating the list of files
and their checksums, and so forth, but a lot of the metadata just needs
to be written down somewhere for pkg to read.

> Thanks for your two great ideas. I hadn't understood the trick to
> adding a new ports category, so that makes it much easier if I want to
> give up my json MANIFEST hack.

Actually, you can add a Makefile.local at any level in the ports tree so
you can not only add a local category, you can insert a local port into
one of the existing categories or you can add Makefile-foo to an
existing port.  It's not just 'Makefile.local' either -- there are
several variations on that so you can add things dependent on CPU
architecture for example.



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