pkg problem, not severe but tedious.

Jeffrey Bouquet jeffreybouquet at
Mon Jul 13 01:48:40 UTC 2015

Each time across major versions I find it convenient to install one or two
upgrades ( portupgrade and another, in this case)

pkg install portupgrade   [the installworld just completed an hour or two ago]

I use a 
script reinstall.log pkg install portupgrade

the deinstalls called for are too numerous, no option to delay [ another SQL field? ]

For instance 

Those two reinstalls (major version) require removal of some 200-400 of which I note
manually 35 or so for immediate reinstall later today.

In this case
Not trivial...

.......    and twenty-odd others of the several hundred to be removed upon the
upgrade of portupgrade from another major version and another ruby version
to the latest one.

So it is handy workaround, but I wonder if a combination of
1... "delay these til later"
2... "to be removed and logged in a /var/log/pkg-removed.log   " file
3... or some other scenario should make it more simple.
4... a 2nd field in the 'to be removed'   ... some removed because of the 
   ruby21 upgrade, some removed for some other reason... one could maybe
  craft the request to pkg in a more orderly fashion if more information was
 known at that step.     Maybe. 

Obviously this does not occur in the usual course of upgrading... but those to be removed could
probably still be of use in the meantime...   Not that is is too problematic to reinstall them (usually but
not always )...  but it is not as automatic as it maybe could be eventually.

Thanks for reading.  

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